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Choose your pricing plan

  • Anytime walks

    Perfect for those who do not have a set time
    • Walk anytime between 9.30am and 4pm. Times will vary.
    • £10 for TLC Family Club Members
    • No choice of time, will vary as to who else is being walked
    • Full hour group walk
    • Group walk but may be solo if no other dogs available.
    • Must be suitable to walk with any other dog.
  • Hour Playdate Walk

    A full hour of fun
    • A full hour of running around with their friends
    • 3 slots available, 9-12, 11-2, 1-4 No choice within slot
    • £15 for non TLC Family Members
    • £11 for TLC Family Members
    • Some dogs may need to pay the premium rates please enquire
  • Premium Hourplaydate

    Perfect for those needing a more specific time
    • Choice of a two hour slot. No choice within this slot.
    • A one hour walk in a group.
    • £14 for TLC family club members
    • £18 for Non family club members
    • Difficult dogs time slot as regular
    • Giant breeds
  • Extra Hour

    An extra dog or extra hour
    • An extra dog from the same household for an hour walk
    • Or an extra hour on the walk for one dog
    • £2 discount for TLC Family members
  • TLC Family Club 12

    Perfect for those needing three or more walks a week
    Valid for one year
    • Heavily Discounted Walks
    • Additional fees apply
    • Discounted booking fee for Home Boarding with TLC
    • Discounted puppy visits for puppies upto 6 months
    • No walk/visit price increase guaranteed until renewal
  • TLC Family Club 6

    Perfect for those wanting 4 or more walks a week.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Payable every 6 months
    • Additional fees apply
    • Discounted home boarding booking fee with TLC
    • Heavily Discounted Walks
    • No walk/visit price increase guaranteed until renewal
  • Puppy Visits

    Perfect for those little explorers
    • Puppies will be visited at home until all the required jabs
    • Puppies will be encouraged to have a variety of experiences
    • £8 for TLC Family members
    • £12 for non members
  • Growing Pains

    Perfect for those teenage terrors
    • Walk with a variety of dogs to get socialised
    • Try and meet as many people as possible
    • Keep walks restricted, limit stairs and running
    • Food before walk if needed
    • £11 for TLC Family Club
  • 30 minute solo walk

    For those not good in a group
    • 30 minutes solo walk
    • 4 slots 8-12,10-1, 12-3, 2-5 NO CHOICE WITHIN SLOT
    • £14 for non TLC Family Members
    • £10 for TLC Family plan members
  • 60 minute solo walk

    • Home Visit

      Pop in to feed the cat or the chickens
      • 15 minute visit
      • Suitable for cats, rabbits, fish, ferrets, hamsters etc
    • Extended Home Visit

      Over 3 pets or evenings?
      • 30 minute visit
      • Available evenings and weekends
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